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Meet the Cast

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Queen Qwendolyn

Ankarcrona is her original family name and means anchor/crown.

No one has a nickname for the Queen, not even Dragon! Everyone is in awe of her beauty, kindness and gentle nature.

The Queens role is to help her husband rule the Kingdom with as much wisdom as possible. She gives her advice quietly, and never in public. Jane suspects that she owes a great deal to the Queen. She thinks the Kings continued support for her role as an apprentice knight, and her mothers growing acceptance of the situation, will have a lot to do with the Queens quiet influence behind closed doors.

The Queen was brought up the daughter of a noble family across the North Sea in Scandinavia. When she was 12 years old (Janes age), she accompanied her father to England on a trade mission. She met Prince Caradok, who was 14 years old, and the young Prince fell madly in love with her. They exchanged letters for many years and married in 801.

Pea soup and pancakes. One night Pepper woke to find the Queen herself in the Royal Kitchens at midnight making pea soup and pancakes. She told Pepper it was a traditional winter food where she grew up. Now Pepper makes it for the whole Court at least once a week, even out of season because Rake has learnt how to dry and preserve peas for the winter.

To help build a peaceful world for her children.

She has a whole collection of songs from her homeland which she sings to herself, though never in public as they make her homesick and can bring her to tears.

Playing the harp. She is a beautiful player.