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Qubo is about possibilities

Qubo is a safe haven where kids and their caregivers can come for entertainment that is "Good Fun." Qubo shows, from the leaders in children's entertainment, offer positive role models portraying good values. At Qubo, kids laugh and learn to be their best through diverse quality programming where parents are always welcome.

Qubo believes that entertainment can motivate kids to become good friends, family members and teammates. Our programming teaches right from wrong, the importance of non-judgment, how to form lasting friendships, and how to be respectful and kind. Our mission is to provide the building blocks that inspire a lifetime of possibilities.

Most of Qubo's shows are associated with popular children's books, and beyond its quality television offerings, Qubo utilizes its interstitial programming, website and outside partnerships such as the U.S. Olympic Committee and Reading is Fundamental, to promote messages about healthy living and literacy.

Qubo is committed to not air national advertising that features unhealthy food and beverage choices, and has adopted stringent advertising guidelines aimed at improving children's health and reducing the rates of childhood obesity.

In 2010, the Center For Science in the Public Interest awarded Qubo the Best Grade among all Entertainment Companies for its Policies on Marketing Food to Children, and former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin referred to Qubo as the "Gold Standard" for leadership and commitment not to accept advertising for unhealthy foods targeted to children.

Qubo is a 24/7 network available on Cable, Satellite, Verizon FiOS and AT&T UVerse. In addition, Qubo airs a programming block on ION Television on Friday mornings from 8am-11am. As of January 4, 2015 this block, Qubo Kids Corner, will move to Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm.